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Puro Smartphone/Laptop Portable Speaker Tube Review

Puro Portable Speaker Tube

Rating: ★★★★☆

The portable speak tube from Puro is a lovely little thing, the sound quality is surprisingly good considering its tiny little size.

It delivers a great punchy 2.5 watt sound that can easily fill a small room, yet is small enough to put in your trouser pocket so it would be ideal to take away on outings such as festivals or camping, if you like that kind of thing.

The actual build quality is as solid as a playstation controller, I feel like I could clumsily drop it a good few times without it getting too much damage, again good for festivals or indeed an unplanned power cut party or even strap it to your bike and share your spotify playlist with your community at semi top speeds (for a bike).

Another plus is the mini USB charger, due to modern tech everybody seems to have a few mini USB cables knocking about so another thing less to remember, which is good for those of us who may have sacrificed a few too many brain cells during uni, or last night, or now.

On a full 2 hour charge this little beut can keep on pumping crispy sounds for about 6 hours.

The only tiny con I have with this guy is the very very flimsy stereo cable but it is retractable, which is nice and works fairly annoyance free.

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  • Small
  • Good sound quality for its size
  • Mini USB charger
  • Price


  • Flimsy audio cable


So a really nice little speaker, great sound quality, solid build and a very decent battery life, although I do feel like I might snap the cable with my big fat man hands.

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