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Puro iPad 2 Zeta Case Expert Review

Puro iPad 2 Zeta Case

Rating: ★★★★☆

I have been testing out the iPad 2 Zeta case from Italian consumer electronic accessories company Puro for the last couple of weeks.

The iPad 2 Zeta case is a hybrid of a cover and a case – it consists of a leather covered hard shell like back, which is attached to a leather cover front to protect the screen of the iPad 2.

The front leather cover is made up of 4 rigid sections (similar to the traditional official Apple Smart Case covers) that allow you to fold back the cover and use the front cover as a stand to support the iPad 2.

The front cover of the iPad 2 Zeta case also features magnets that work with the magnets that are built-in to the iPad 2 itself to ensure the front cover stays put to protect the screen.

The front cover also works in a similar way to the Apple Smart Covers to send the iPad 2 to sleep when you close the cover and automatically wake the iPad 2 when you open the cover so that it is ready to use instantly.

First Impressions of the Puro Zeta case for the iPad 2

My initial impressions of Puro’s Zeta case were good – the first thing that hit me upon open the packaging was the smell of the leather.  I was also pleasantly surprised
by the quality look and feel of the case. It manages to combine a sleek look with a robust feel that gives you confidence that it will actually protect your favourite toy.

In terms of style, the Zeta case looks very similar to the Apple Smart Cover from the front but it also has the added protection of the shell-like back case, which is also covered in a slightly grainy looking leather to match the front.

The back shell like case is also reinforced around the outer edges with a discrete plastic trim that matches the colour of the leather pretty well and has all the appropriate cut-outs for the speaker, connection point, camera and volume control etc.

The front and back covers are attached by means of a strip of softer leather that acts like a kind of hinge.

Fitting the Puro Zeta iPad 2 case on to my iPad 2

My iPad 2 fitted into the back hard shell case of the Zeta case easily and snugly with a reassuring click when it slots into place. The front cover then just flaps down and the
magnets hold it in place to protect the screen of your iPad.

Puro iPad 2 Zeta Case     Puro iPad 2 Zeta Case

What I liked about the Puro Zeta iPad 2 case/cover

  • I liked the robust feel of the back of the case and the simplicity with which it combines the protection of the back case with the benefits of a magnetised front cover.
  • I liked the quality look, feel (and smell!) of the leather and the finish and overall attention to detail supports this.
  • The magnetised cover that automatically switches the iPad 2 to sleep and then wakes it instantly when you draw the cover back works in a very similar way to the Apple Smart Cover and means that your iPad 2 is always ready to use without wasting precious battery power
  • The cut outs in the hard back cover ensure that all ports and controls are easily accessible

What I didn’t like about the Puro Zeta iPad 2 case/cover

  • My only real concern is how hard wearing the leather “hinge” that joins the hard back case to the leather front cover will be after prolonged use. Plus the fact that as this is a flexible hinge, it does allow for some very slight movement and possible miss-alignment of the front leather cover.

For more information and to buy the Puro Zeta iPad 2 case/cover, click here!


  • Magnetic closing mechanisms to automatically switch the iPad 2 between sleep and wake modes
  • Quality leather look and feel
  • Protects the iPad 2 without adding bulk


  • Leather “hinge” is flexible and does allow some movement and potential miss-alignment of the front cover
  • Only available in 6 colour options
  • Not yet that widely available in the UK


I really like this product – it looks and feels good and protects my precious iPad 2.  It combines the great functionality and slick looks of the Apple Smart case with the added protection of the hard shell case for the back.

I guess it’s debatable whether the iPad 2 needs protection for the back as it does look and seem pretty durable but the depths of my handbag can be a dangerous place so any extra protection gets the thumbs up from me even if it does add very slightly more weight and bulk.

Unfortunately it does seem that these Puro iPad 2 Zeta covers  (available in 6 colour options) are not that widely available yet in the UK but can be bought directly from Puro’s own website.

Prices are in Euros but look like pretty decent value for money for a real leather case of this quality.

For more information and to buy the Puro Zeta iPad 2 case/cover, click here!