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PS3 sales hit 5 million as Sony readies Super-Slim version

Just a day ahead of the launch of Sony’s Super-Slim remodeling of the PlayStation 3, the firm has revealed that the PS3 has clocked up 5 million sales in the UK.

Although estimates suggest that this still doesn’t put the device ahead of the Xbox 360 in the console stakes, which would reach around 7 million sales assuming that the UK market is around 33% of European sales (21.5 million), the sale tally does bode well for the third incarnation of the PlayStation 3.

Super-Slim PlayStation 3: What’s on offer?

The Super-Slim PS3 is expected to come with a price tag of £175 and feature 12GB of on-board flash memory. If the price point is correct, this would make it the cheapest console in existence.

Unlike a version of the PS3 already selling with a 500GB hard drive, the Super-Slim doesn’t feature a hard drive, although an external one can be attached.

A dedicated hard disk drive (250GB), will give gamers the freedom to boost storage, and is set to be released at the same time as the new PS3.

The release of the slimmed-down PS3 has been dubbed, by some, an attempt by Sony to lure customers away from the soon-to-be-released Nintendo Wii U. Judging by the PS3’s sale’s so far, it might just work.

Super-Slim PlayStation 3: An improvement on the original?

According to Sony, the internal design architecture of the new PS3 has been completely redesigned, dramatically reducing the volume and weight of the console.

A sliding disk cover combined with “characteristic sleek curved simple body design” will also help to ensure that the compact PS3 can fit in neatly wherever players choose to place it.

While the Xbox 360 fares best in US and the UK markets, the new PS3, like the ones before, could help the console continue its dominance in markets on the continent and further afield.

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