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PS Vita vs Wii U

Next year looks set to be a battle of the consoles, with both Sony and Nintendo gearing up to duke it out in the gaming arena.

The PS Vita and Wii U are two new consoles that will be hitting our stores in the next twelve months. There are different aspects to each device, with the Vita a handheld device and the Wii U actually a fully-blown new console.

But the similarities between the two run deep, so which should you go out and spend your hard-earned money on? It essentially comes down to what you want from your gaming.

Launched at E3 earlier this year, the Nintendo Wii U currently has no UK release date. Some rumours are claiming it will be with us as earlier as April 2012, with other more pessimistic observers saying we will have to wait until mid-summer.

The similarity between the Wii U and the PS Vita comes in the Wii U’s controller. It is a huge, tablet sized piece of kit that Nintendo claim will revolutionise gaming.

Touchscreen Wiimote

It is a world away from the easy-to-use Wiimotes that we have grown to love, with a massive 6.2 inch touchscreen, two joysticks and a camera.

The PS Vita, on the other hand, has been made with on-the-go gaming at the front of Sony’s mind. The Vita still has a large screen, but the console is lightweight and easily transportable.

If the Wii U is like a tablet, then the PS Vita is like a smartphone. Already out in Japan, the Vita hits UK stores in February.

We’ll have to wait and see how the Wii U fares in the console battle. But with gadgets getting smaller and smaller, people are likely to be put off by the Wii U’s cumbersome controller.

Note: Article updated 26 December to correct an error about the Wii U controller.