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PS Vita, PlayStation 4… Sony trends to watch out for in 2012

Gamers around the world have enjoyed a bumper year this year. We haven’t had any new home consoles but that has barely mattered.

We’ve had awesome new games on all home consoles, as well as a step up in the quality of smartphone games. We’ve said goodbye to Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds and said hello to Fifa and GTA.

That’s not to mention the new software updates for Xbox 360 and PlayStation, turning them from pure gaming systems in all-out entertainment centres.

And all the way along, Sony has been a constant presence. So what will the tech giant do next? Here are three things Sony will do with Playstation next year.

The PS Vita

The buzz around Sony’s new handheld console has been growing stronger and stronger in the latter half of 2011. With a released date of 22 February, the buzz shows no sign of letting up.

The PS Vita features a five inch OLED screen, quad-core processor, twin analogue sticks and a touch-sensitive back. It will also have 3G connectivity thanks to Vodaphone.

A list of 25 first-party games was announced recently, including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048, and Playstation classic Everybody’s Golf. And with third-party games set to be announce as the release date gets closer, we can’t wait to our hands on the Vita.

PlayStation 4

Thought of a new home console system is so tantalising we almost don’t want to talk about it, just in case we jinx the whole thing and another console never sees the light of day.

Rumours of a PlayStation 4 are being kept to a minimum at the moment, so precious is the thought. But a release date of late 2012 is being talked about, with the PS expected to feature a Kinect-style motion controller.

Sorcery for PlayStation Move

Remember Sony’s announcement of a wizard-style game for the PlayStation Move back in 2010? No, us neither. But they did, and motion-based game Sorcery is finally set for a release in 2012.

Fans of Harry Potter, or fantasy games in general, will be getting excited about this one. A third person game, Sorcery allows players to cast spells, defeat enemies and solve puzzles using the motion peripheral.