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Powerful Suction from the New Full-Size Upright from Dyson

Dyson DC41

Rating: ★★★★★

Setting Up

Dyson really have gone to town when it comes to packaging their products. All the components were wrapped in individual covers and cardboard to protect them and furthermore, putting the cleaner together was a real breeze. All the sections snapped and clicked reassuringly into place and I was ready to start my cleaning in minutes, without the need for peering at the instruction manual.

Design and Features

Not only does the DC41 look futuristic and stylish but it’s clever technology meant it gave my carpets and floor surfaces an incredible clean! It brushed and cleaned the carpet pile so thoroughly, picking up even the deepest particles of dust and dirt, leaving the carpet looking visibly cleaner!

DC41 has a cleaner head that automatically self-adjusts when moving between floor types and retained amazing suction power throughout. This made moving across different floor surfaces absolutely effortless, even for a fairly heavy cleaner.

I purely steered whilst the vacuum cleaner glided over rugs, carpets and tiled flooring. I would even go as far as saying I quite enjoyed hoovering, especially seeing the incredible results at the end. It looked like I’d had a professional cleaner in to freshen up my carpets and rugs!

The entire cleaner is designed around Dyson’s ball technology so that it’s able to turn on tight spots. This means the cleaner twists and turns with little effort and allows your to pivot around in confined spaces.

The ball houses the vacuum’s key components such as the powerful motor. This means that the overall unit is leaner and was easier to steer into awkward spaces.

DC41 has a built-in hose and telescopic wand that I was able to pull out stretch all the way to the top of my stairs. Whatsmore, all the tools clicked and snapped into the end of the hose with ease which was great when I wanted to get to awkward spots.  I also tested out the mini turbine head on the stairs.  The nylon bristles spun at high speeds, lifting and cleaning the pile which, in turn, left the stairs looking extremely refreshed!

Hygienic Cleaning

The clear dust bin is a bold statement in showing you just how much it can pick up from your carpet! Furthermore, when it’s full, emptying it couldn’t be easier or faster. All I had to do was press the release button and the bin’s base opened to release the dirt.


  • Easy to Maneouvere
  • Great Tools
  • Hygenic


  • None


With all the technology that’s packed into this upright, I was provided with absolute effortless cleaning and all within a fantastic looking vacuum. I believe that the DC41 is Dyson’s best full sized upright to date and would highly recommend it.

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