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Powerbeats Workout Headphones by Dre


Rating: ★★★☆☆

Forgot about Dre? These days, world famous HipHop producer and rapper Dr Dre is more known for his highly successful Beats range of headphones.

The latest addition to this range are the Powerbeats. So What’s the Difference? Aimed at the fitness audience and endorsed by American basketball hero LeBron James, these headphones should be another massive hit for Dre and the Next Episode of the Dre saga.. i’ll stop with song references now.


Dr Dre Powerbeats headphonesFirst things first, the packaging looks good and feels more like opening the box to a new MP3 player rather than a pair of headphones. And for the same price as a decent MP3 player, im expecting big things from the Powerbeats!

Inside the box i find my Powerbeats and they definitely look the part. I’ve gone for white but you can also get them in black and red.

Also in the box, you get a neat zip-up carry case with embossed beats logo (and i should think so for £129!).

My only concern is that they don’t look particularly sturdy. A worry for someone who regularly sits on and breaks things. Best be extra careful with these then!


Dr Dre Powerbeats headphonesThe earphones themselves are not designed to fit in the ear, just outside the canal and so feel a little unsecure at first (although this may be because i have quite a small head..) however, when running with them, they stayed in place surprisingly well and needed little to no readjustment.

Comfort wise, you would expect a pair of sport headphones to be light and super comfy and this was indeed the case… to start with.

After being in the gym for an hour i could really feel the Powerbeats around my ears like a pair of tiny anvils (slight exaggeration). Great if you’re one of these people who does 15 minutes of exercise a day to make up for the McDonalds you had for lunch. Not great for the proper fitness junkies out there.


As these headphones are designed to sit outside of the ear, they are NOT noise cancelling. As such, the levels of bass are seriously compromised and given that the Powerbeats have been designed for ‘sport performance’ and most people
require a baseline to aid their workout, I found them quite disapointing.

In addition, when used in the gym where there’s already music playing, you tend to get a mismatch of both your music and the
gym music which can be distracting especially when trying to workout to a

On the other hand though, NOT being noise cancelling could be seen as a plus for outdoors runners and a good safety feature as it’s
important to hear traffic.

At full volume, I found that both treble and mids came across very well. Crisp and clear at full volume with no distortion. Just a shame about the bass!


Dr Dre Powerbeats headphonesThe Powerbeats ‘on the cable’ controls are pretty standard. Volume up and volume down. Actually getting the volume up and down is however an altogether different proposition.

The panel itself is quite small and the 2 volume buttons slightly overlap so i ended up hitting volume up instead of down most of the time and vice versa.

Nearing the end of a hardcore 30 minute treadmill marathon, the last thing you want to be doing is looking down and fiddling around with your headphones.

If it weren’t for my cat-like balance and reflexes, I may have been the next feature on the PluggedIn Tech Fail blog!


  • Look nice
  • Looks the part


  • Hefty price tag
  • Poor noise cancellation
  • A little uncomfortable
  • Bass was dissapointing
  • Dissapointing bass
  • Slightly uncomfortable


Overall, I was slightly dissapointed. Given the large price tag, I expected a much better all-round quality of sound (bass in particular).

As far as sports “workout” headphones go, if you do your workout away from the gym and have some expendable cash, there are worse headphones you can buy. On the other hand, if you are gym bound then there are some much better options on the market for less so i’d advise you shop around.

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