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Power Problems For a Power Product – Apple iPhone 4S review

Apple iPhone 4S

Rating: ★★★½☆

Like most people all over the world, I was anticipating the release of the new iPhone product, anxious to see apple product release I tuned in over the internet to watch it being broadcast to see what product they would be launching next.

I think nearly everyone the world over was hoping for an iPhone 5, however Apple seemed again to get one up on us by releasing the iPhone 4S and by now everyone has come to realize that what makes this product so special is Siri. Although here in the UK we don’t get the full benefits of what our Cousins in the states can utilise, Siri still works, and does its job well… as long as you can get used to slowing your speed of which you speak down a little bit at least.

Anyway I’m losing my point here, the release date arrived and I rushed out to the apple store to get my iPhone lining up with quite a few people all buzzing about the amazing new product that Apple have brought into our lives and yes as the anticipation was building and i was getting more excited with every moment passing.

I got my iPhone and set it up in the store immediately and i was away, playing with Siri i was in my element, but after about an hour of usage i noticed that the battery seemed to have dipped quite a bit. Being a bit of a technical chap i thought nothing of it and decided to return home charge it up and move all my files, movies and music over to my new iPhone. I left the Phone on charge for a few hours till the battery was at 100% and then i was off.

I set up the remaining features on my phone such as icloud and my emails (mainly my work ones as they are normally the most important). Getting into work the next day i wasn’t shy about showing off the iPhone 4S demonstrating Siri and what it could do until it got to the point for me to crack on with the days work at hand. I must of been a couple of hours into my shift when my phone starting beeping at me, still getting to grips with the iPhone 4S and the Layout of IOS 5, I realised that it was telling me i had to be at a meeting in 15 minutes, but as I looked closer at the device i noticed that my battery seemed a little low, not having much time to investigate further I just put it to the back of my mind. After my meeting I looked at my iPhone and saw that the battery percentage was now at 20% now I know for a fact that my device was fully charged before i left for work.

Anyway after returning home from work that day looking at my iPhone before charging it, the device was now showing 5% which undoubtedly is very bad, charging up my phone i decided to go over all the features of my iPhone to make sure it wasn’t looking for new emails every 5 minutes and that data roaming was turned off to conserve that little bit more power, but as I expected everything was set up perfectly maybe i was using my phone too much earlier that morning and decided to leave it a few days before taking any further action.

It got to the point a few days later where I wasn’t even able to get through the day with out my iPhone dying on me, ok so now it’s safe to say I have a problem.

I made an appointment at the Genius Bar in my Local apple store and they inspected my phone to see that the battery was in fact faulty and they replaced it for me on the spot. (if any of you out there have ever experienced apples in store customer service from the Genius Bar it is 2nd to none).

So now I had a new iPhone 4s and took it home set it up etc… just like i did the first time around.

I’m now writing this Review on December the 1st and since the Launch of the iPhone 4S i have now had 4 iPhone 4S. Apples customer service has been brilliant towards me and again I can’t fault them but one of the Geniuses has revealed to me that there has been a “bad batch” of iPhone 4S going around with battery issues. So in my Expert Advice, If you do have an iPhone 4S that you purchased either on or around the launch date of the device either from an Apple store or a mobile phone provider, just make a precautionary appointment in the apple store to get it tested it only takes five minutes and its better to be safe than sorry. Remember batteries in devices only come with a six month warranty where the rest of the device is covered for a full year… so don’t leave it too much longer.

But just to let you all know out there in Cyber Land that my iPhone 4S is working flawlessly now and i couldn’t ask for a better device and i can easily go with out charging my iPhone for 48 hours now while still using it moderately.

Lee Smith

Comet On Call


  • Apples Genius Bar Service
  • Getting a Device that Finally Works


  • Bad Batch of 4s
  • Getting 4 iPhone 4S


I know what happened to me was rare but i know for fact that I’m not the only person out there that this has happened to. Don’t let this put you off buying an iPhone 4S just use this as a guide if you happened to come across a device with a limited battery life.

I love my iPhone 4S and if you get one I know you will too.