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PluggedIn Youth Addicted to Gadgets and Technology

Britain’s youth are a group of technology addicts and many will wake up on Christmas morning to hundreds of pounds worth of new gadgets, according to the latest research.

The average child spends 14 hours a week playing with gadgets, more for the average 15 year old, who spends a whopping 20 hours on average each week playing with new technology, uSwitch found.

This equates to two hours a day spent playing either on their Nintendo Xbox, or Apple iPad, and older children spend up to five hours a day plugged into other technology such as laptops and smartphones.

Christmas will see 87 percent of children receive a gadget from their parents, with 12 percent splashing out £250 on gadgets for their loved ones.

“There’s no doubt that British kids are switched on to technology, and that the next generation are growing up as digital natives,” said Ernest Doku, uSwitch mobile expert.

“The sheer amount of time that children spend playing with technology, whether listening to music or playing computer games, has never been higher.”

A quarter of teenagers spend more than 28 hours a week listening to music, playing games, surfing the internet and watching television.

The top gadgets on Christmas lists this year include a gaming device, followed by a mobile phone, laptop, digital camera, and an iPod.

Gadgets for Entertainment

The majority, 56 percent of children under 16 years old own a gaming device, but only one percent has an E-Book reader.

Of the 21 percent of parents who have been asked for a tablet by their children for Christmas a mere three percent intend to give one to their youngsters.