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PluggedIn is at CES 2011

Every year, the world’s top electronics companies meet in Las Vegas to show off their latest ideas. This year, we’ve come along to make sure you know all about it!

The event starts tomorrow morning (afternoon in the UK), and runs until Sunday. Follow @pluggedinteam on Twitter for regular updates throughout the day, and check back here for news, videos and opinion on all our favourite finds.

We’ve had a bit of a sneak peak, and here are some of the highlights to watch out for this year:

Tablet PCs

The amazing success of the Apple iPad has really given the tablet market a kick, and we expect to see over 100 completely new tablet devices at CES this year. With a wide range of features and running many operating systems, there should be something for everyone.

Intelligent systems

With GPS chips, accelerometers, touchscreens and other sensors becoming cheaper and more familiar all the time we’ll see even the simple products in our home become smarter and more connected this year. Kinect is a great example of this. We’ve also seen things as different as ski goggles with GPS, temperature and heads-up displays. Even simple gadgets like baby monitors are getting the connected, mobile phone app upgrade.

Internet enabled TVs

3D TV was the big news of 2010, but the other big development was Internet enabled TVs. These let you use your TV to watch online video, access your social networks, and so much more. These will see even more progress this year – some analysts suggest that by 2014 more than half of TVs sold will be internet enabled. Let’s see where this goes.

Stick with us, we’ll make show you all the tech you’ll be falling in love with this year!