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PlayStation 3, a milestone?

Sony PS3

Rating: ★★★★☆

The word “Playstation” has been a symbolic household name since the 90s. At the time its rivals seemed to dominate the market of 5th generation games consoles. The release of the playstation can definitely be said to be Sonys foundation in the games industry. After establishing itself in the market Sony wanted something more, something different and something faster. The result was the playstaion 2, this console was darker, slicker and meaner than its older brother.

The Playstation 2 paved the way for console accessories such as the Eye Toy, Remote Controls, Dancemats and even a headset. The greatest step the Playstation 2 took was the use of Online gaming to which at that time did not reach its full potential. The Playstation 2 grew in popularity so much a new rival was thrown into the scene and Sony has yet to overpower them….

The Playstation 3 “eventually” managed to be released in Europe, this slow release converted many to its infamous rival. Playstation 3 was given many assets from wireless controls to a Blu-Ray Player. At the time of release the console was also the cheapest Blu-Ray Player about.

The Online gaming did not share the same popularity as the Playstaion 2, in fact it still remains to be the greatest concept of this console. The development of an online community as well as the abillity to have friends share your gaming experience has become a large social network in its own right.

The Quality of gaming is a great feature of the console, the use of HD combined with the ability of Blu-Ray gaming is visually flawless. The amount of memory the Playstation 3 has at the present time is 160 GB or 320GB.

The quanitity of games available started off slow and with some games converting to a rival console the Playstation 3 has lost some exclusive content. Though at the present time the amount of games has significantly increased.

The Playstation 3 has changed dramatically since release Sony has made a smaller less expensive model with some adjustments. The backwards compatability has been removed meaning you have to pay out more money if you have already got rid of the older consoles.

In conclusion the newer model of the Playstation 3 lacks the original sparkle yet is still a contender in the gaming market. Though just as the Playstation 1 & 2 evolved and adapted new concepts to create the Playstation 3, the Playstation 3 will do the same and be a milestone for future consoles.


  • Fast Online Gaming.
  • HD Gaming.
  • Rechargeable Controllers.


  • Lack of exclusive Games.
  • No Backwards Capability


A great console which has everything a gamer needs. Though the newers models have cut a substantial amount of hardware. The Playstation 3 is a milestone to which future developers can increase concepts and evolve the Playstation Industry.

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