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PlayStation 2 Resurrected by Sony in New LCD TV

In a move that will no doubt excite and rekindle a love of video games among those who have perhaps not touched a games console in years, Sony has announced that their new 22- inch LCD Bravia TV will have a PlayStation 2 built into it as standard.

Complete with the ability to play DVDs and CDs via the TV, the new LCD Bravia also means you will be able to play PlayStation 2 games, as well. While PlayStation 2 only allows for standard definition on visuals, the TV’s 22inch screen allows for 720p footage and features a Bravia Engine 3 and HD ready screen to ensure picture quality is good, allowing gamers of all ages the chance to play their retro games at Christmas without the need for a games console.

On-demand content via the internet will also be available as the Bravia TV has an ethernet port. Additional ways to connect includes an inbuilt Freeview tuner, three USB ports, four HDMI slots, and VGA component video connectors.

The new Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 LCD TV is available in the UK from around £200.

Sony LCD Bravia TVs in More Detail

The Bravia TV range, from Sony, provides consumers with a range of TV viewing options, including the option of a 6 degree upward tilt screen for 3D viewing. These 3D options includes 3D glasses so viewers can turn off the lights and watch in full high definition their favourite films in a new way; picture brightness is optimised by boosting the LED backlight. Viewers can watch Bravia 3D TV in any room with any type of light, including bright sunshine, without compromising the picture.

The Bravia range of TVs comes with some cool features, such as ‘Clear Voice,’ which means that hard to hear dialogue can be adjusted with the ‘Clear Voice’ application on the sound settings mode, emphasising human voices. It works by boosting sound levels at the human voice frequency and filtering out other frequencies so the dialogue is crisper and easier to hear.