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Panic Button for British Travellers launched

Passport, check… Lonely Planet guidebook, check… Malaria tablets, check… Panic button? Yes, that’s right; you can now take a panic button with you whilst on your travels in case of an emergency.

The ultimate safety device from Skyguard International means that British travellers can now enjoy the luxury of having their very own portable personal emergency services device on call, any time.The service is live in 34 European countries as well as the Russian and South African Federations.

The way that it works is simple – if you’re in trouble, you get out your nifty little button, press the button and it will send your location and identity to the Skyguard Incident Management Centre in the UK.

This is where controllers can listen in, talk if its safe and co-ordinate a timely response by calling on the national emergency services of the country your in. James Bond eat your heart out!

The launch comes as the British Foreign & Commonwealth Offices recently published a British Behaviour Abroad report, which found that 19,228 Brits have needed assistance overseas during the past 12 months.

Spain felt the full impact of the British public, as that was the number one destination where Brits needed emergency attention.

Not only is the device ideal for holidaymakers, but it’s perfect for those students who are planning to take a much needed year out to see the world and ‘discover’ themselves. Whilst their main concern is getting to a beach and enjoying the local booze, parents may have different ideas. That is where the panic button comes in.

The device can be attached to any type of belt. The service is also available as a handy app for BlackBerry devices.

James Murray, chief executive of Skyguard said, “We can alert local police, paramedics or fire units to be with our customers as soon as possible.”