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Panasonic and Sony to team up in OLED TV development

A rumoured partnership between two of TV’s biggest brands, Sony and Panasonic, could see the latest television technologies become more readily available and herald the birth of the ‘super TV’.

Focusing on OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technologies, the two manufacturers are claimed to be in discussions over a joint venture. This would potentially see OLED TVs become more commercially viable options by drastically lowering the high price tag associated with them.

OLED – The Super TV?

While OLED displays are fairly common in the world of smartphones and computer tablets, those of us who want to see this high-quality system put to use on a larger screen have been left disappointed, not to mention empty-pocketed.

Concerns over the viability of implementing this technology into a flat screen TV were raised alongside fears that the price tag would be unlikely to fall within the realms of the average budget.

That said, the benefits of OLED displays are clear: visual response is much faster than a standard LED backlit TV, and detail is enhanced as the light output of pixels can be controlled independently.

In comparison to LED TVs, which are currently seen as the best option on the commercial market, OLED TVs differ by their light source.

While LED TVs require an external light source (hence backlit), OLEDs emit their own light when electricity is passed through the panel, giving them improved visual clarity.

New TVs on the block

While CES saw Samsung and LG reveal some of the first OLED TVs (both measuring a whopping 55 inches), the rumoured collaboration between Sony and Panasonic could prove far more fruitful.

This is because their combined effort is expected to drive the price of these models down to a more manageable level – news which we are very pleased to hear!

Of course, whether OLEDs become the new TV on the block depends largely on what other developments are made.

Already rumours over an Apple TV have seen another Smart TV launched by Google, with these global giants focusing on TV content rather than display.

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