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Panasonic 42″ Smart 3D Viera TV – An awesome bit of gadgetry

Panasonic TX-L42ET5B

Rating: ★★★★★

The outside design of the Panasonic TX-L42ET5B frame is in a graphite grey with a clear cover over it which adds to the style rather than detracts and means that it will fit in with most people’s decor.

It looked very easy to set up, which my son did for me. The stand had to be connected but all electrical connections are very easy as its quite well illustrated with the ports labelled (HDMI, USB, SDcard etc..) with diagrams for the correct connections.

Easy connectivity

In the box, you get a mains lead, component adapter (red, white, yellow, & red, green, yellow) scart adapter plus 4 pairs of 3D passive glasses.

The scart connecter is not the usual connector as one end is scart whilst the other is more USB/HDMI in its own seperate socket. Using this type of connection is so much easier & a lot better for the cable as its towards the bottom of the TV & not hanging from the side.

Most of the connectors are on the side of the TV (left hand side when facing the TV) and some are at the bottom. There are plenty of connections, 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 SDcard, CI SLOT, Headphone jack, Ethernet, Terrestrial terminal, Digital Audio out (for use with home theatre systems), PC terminal, AVI1 (SCART), AVI2 (COMPONENT/VIDEO) for use with games consoles (I have my games console connected via this route).

Easy set-up & great features

First time switching on doesn’t take long to set up. The WIFI was detected straight away and the laptop connected to the TV immediately. Very impressed with this.

After entering personal details (this is for your own benefit in case of theft & if using the internet) it will want to do an update, this took approximately 5 minutes, if you say ‘no’ it will not operate.

Using the TV itself is easy but learning the other features is worth taking your time over as its quite extensive.

The Viera link is brilliant! I have a Panasonic camera & this is great to use. Its got a great advantage of seeing your pictures & videos etc from your computer or laptop on the TV.

TV show’s are able to play whilst you browse the internet and you get all the usual Smart TV apps like Facebook, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Skype (camera purchased separately). If a family member is hogging the laptop/computer you can just use the TV to access the internet.

I also downloaded the Viera 3D app – this plays short 3D movies in different size formats depending on your broadband speed. Completely bowled over with this, especially the underwater world. A must see!


  • Everything, its just so great. Have not found any faults with this yet!


  • None


When I purchased this TV it was in a package deal with a Blu-Ray player. I found the price to be quite reasonable. The Blu-Ray is exceptional and it also has WIFI built in & makes TV viewing so much more enjoyable. I’ve never spent so much time watching TV since I bought this.

My only problem is I first bought this TV in a 32″ set (Panasonic TX-L32ET5B), after watching the Viera 3D video I realised that the TV was too small. My advice If you are going to purchase a Smart 3D TV.. do not buy anything under 37″. Whilst its a brilliant picture on the 32″ it does look on the small side.

I purchased this TV from Comet with a 7 day returns policy if you change your mind.

I now have a 42″ and its so much better with a double wow factor! I’m so glad I did otherwise I would be regretting this for the rest of my life.

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