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Ouya console – What you need to know

Gaming is big business these days, with manufacturers, developers and everyone in between earning big money every year.

But aside from the big names in the industry – the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo – there is little in the way of choice when it comes to new consoles.

Until now, that is, as a small start-up company from the US is getting ready to take on the big guns of the gaming world with its very own console.

The challenge that lies ahead is certainly not going to be easy, but the Ouya console has, so far, had the best possible start it can. So what do you need to know about this exciting machine?

Ouya Android

In a move not seen before, the Ouya console will be based on Google’s Android operating system, setting it apart from other consoles out there.

The open source nature of Android is the building blocks for Ouya’s ethos, which its creators hope will encourage developers by being a hacker-friendly machine.

This seems to be paying off so far, as a number of prominent developers have already pledged their support.

Ouya Kickstarter funding

The Ouya console seems to have come out of nowhere to be one of the big talking points of the tech world at the moment, and this is all down to Kickstarter.

After struggling to secure venture capital for the console, Ouya’s creators turned to funding from family and friends before using Kickstarter – the crowd-funding website. In just 24 hours, the project had raised a staggering £1.47 million with nearly 19,000 people investing. And there’s still nearly a month left to go!

Due to be released next year, the Ouya console is set to cost around $99. It’s certainly an ambitious project, and one that is likely to incur a problem or two along the way.

But as long as it can keep developers happy and give gamers and alternative to the Big Three, there’s a good chance Ouya could be something of a game changer.

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