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Orders for 16GB Google Nexus 7 halted due to high demand

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, may have been sceptical about the idea that a tablet under 10-inches could be popular. However, the unprecedented success of the 16GB version of the Google Nexus 7 may have been enough to make him think again.

Search engine giant Google has announced that its 16GB version of the tablet is now unavailable through its Play Store.

Strong sales start for 16GB Nexus 7

Orders of the £199 tablet have been halted in the US and UK, after a surprising uptake of the 16GB over the 8GB model.

With only a £40 price difference between the two versions of the device (the 8GB model costs £159) it should have come as no surprise that tablet users would take the option that offers them more storage for their money.

Research from IHS has also revealed that the manufacturing cost gap between the 16GB and 8GB is only £4.82, which may leave some asking whether an 8GB version of Google Nexus 7 was really necessary.

Google Nexus 7 storage: bigger is better

According to reports, planners imagined demand for the 8GB to be greater because of a move towards the company’s “cloud” concept, where data can be stored online as opposed to on the device.

However, some have argued that the inability to upgrade storage on the 8GB may have put some users off.

There is no slot for a microSD card on the Nexus 7, a feature that has become almost the norm on many new devices. However, some argue that the USB OTG (On-The-Go) functionality on the Nexus 7 is more than enough to compensate for the microSD card slot.

This allows users to connect devices together without the need for a PC. A USB flash drive or a microSD card can also be connected via a USB adaptor.

A decline in 8GB sales may mean that manufactures will have a harder time when it comes to selling the virtue of cloud software.

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