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Orange app for Glastonbury goers

So I’ve been fortunate enough to get a ticket (three different computers, all browsers open for almost three hours) for the fabled Glastonbury festival. But as a first time glastonbury-er how do I know where do go, when to go there and where the toilets are? I’ve been warned that I wont be able to to everything I want to do, to those nay sayers i say behold! The Glastonbury app from Orange!

Looking at the screenshots alone the app contains a schedule, powered by the Guardian guide, a planner so you dont miss Queens of the stone age, or should that be Beyonce? (still not decided).

The app also contains a map, which is gonna come in very very handy, hopefully it’ll utilise the iphones technology and be able to tell you exactly where you are. This will be a first for me at festivals I usual have to rely on drunk friends or an even drunker me!

Theres also a news section, handy for news of secret gigs, as well as a share bit to make all your non-glastonbury green with glasto eny, ha! the fools!