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Gamers everywhere rejoice! Smartphones are finally getting the gaming experience they deserve with a long-overdue announcement from On Live.

On Live, the cloud service that allows users to stream games to their TV or computer, was launched in the UK in September.

On Live is now (finally) tapping into the smartphone market with an app that will allow users to access its full range of console-quality titles.

This will include the excellent Rockstar game LA Noire, which was recently added to the ever expanding games database.

On Live has promised that gamers will not be disappointed with the touchscreen controls – something that has been a problem for smartphone games in the past (don’t even get us started on the FIFA apps).

Developers of many of the bigger titles have created touchscreen controls especially for smartphones, so gamers will be able to carry on a game they were playing on their TV while they are out and about.

A total of 25 of On Live’s games will be available in touchscreen mode on the app, with the remaining 200 requiring a wireless controller.

Football Manager

As well as LA Noire and the like, the dangerously addictive Football Manager has now come to smartphones too.

Not available through On Live, Football Manager Handheld is an app in itself, and offers all the features of the game we have all come to love (and, at times, hate).

This app could be called a ‘low fat’ version of the game. It offers all the features you need –tactics, transfers, training – but on a smaller scale.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. But this game is still just as addictive and compelling on a smartphone as it is on a laptop. Just be careful not to throw your new iPhone against a wall in anger over a missed penalty.

BBC iPlayer

Smartphone users are really getting spoilt this week. Not only do they have On Live, Football Manager, and the recent 4OD app to keep themselves occupied, but the BBC is now joining the party.

The BBC iPlayer app is going global, and is now available across Europe and in Canada and the US. It’s been knocking about over here for a while, but it’s nice to know our friends across the channel can now enjoy the misery of Eastenders too.

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