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One in Three Children Own a Mobile Device

According to reports, almost one third of children under the age of ten years own a mobile phone handset with sixty nine per cent of parents saying they are given the device to stay in contact with parents whilst out.

The research, conducted by Westcoastcloud, questioned two thousand families about the technological devices their children have access to. Almost one third of those asked revealed that they had given a mobile phone handset to children under the age of ten.

The research also revealed that, of those asked, one in ten admitted that children under the age of ten were given a Smartphone device with internet access.

Children and Mobile Phones

The research into the prevalence of mobile phone possession among children has led to security measures being considered. This is seen as especially important for devices which enable internet connectivity, with a number of people feeling that technology needs to protect children from online risks.

This means that, along with the other developments being felt in the mobile phone market, new advancements to privacy and security features could mark the future of mobile phone handsets. The news certainly confirms that mobile phones are set to become an even more integral part of our everyday lives, with most people owning a device.


Security for these devices and other technological products has always been a prime concern. In fact, 57% of people surveyed by Which? Computing were said to‘worry about their computer being attacked by viruses and other threats’, while a further 62% were worried about internet security, preventing nearly half of them from banking online. Products such as Norton Internet Security 2011 can help to placate these concerns by offering internet protection.

With children now having access to the internet it is important that extra safety measures are considered. Parental controls are a great way to prevent children from accessing unsuitable sights, helping to keep them safe whilst on the net.

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