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Odd tributes for iPhone and iPod visionary Steve Jobs

It has now been several months since Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away, and the tech visionary is still being honoured.

And the tributes for the man who revolutionised the tech world, and popular culture in general, have been getting weirder and weirder. Here are some ways that Jobs is being remembered.

Steve Jobs action figure

The latest tribute to Jobs is a geek’s idea of a heaven – an action figure. This 12-inch doll, complete with jeans and black turtleneck, looks so much like Jobs it’s a little scary.

Manufacturer Inlcon has said the mini-Jobs will come with a scaled down iPhone and the first Mac computer, for an extra cost. It will even come with a second pair of glasses and an extra pair of hands for gripping the devices.

The action figure is set to be available in the US for around $100, or £64, from February onwards. But whether Apple’s lawyers step in and halt sales, given the doll’s use of the Apple logo, remains to be seen.

Posthumous Grammy

A fitting tribute for a man who had such an impact on the music industry, Jobs is to receive a posthumous Grammy at this year’s awards.

Held in the US in February, the music awards show recognises a few people each year who have made an outstanding contribution to music – and Steve Jobs is one of them.

Steve Jobs statue

As well as plastic, Jobs has been immortalised in bronze. A statue of the great man has been erected in Hungary, at the headquarters of tech company Graphisoft.

The company worked closely with Apple in the 1980s, and said in a statement that it considers Jobs to be “the greatest hero of the information age.”

The statue doesn’t bare quite the same resemblance to Jobs as his action figure does, but it is still a testament to his influence around the world.