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NVIDIA, Apple iPad Mini – are tablets finally becoming affordable?

When Apple launched its first iPad, what seems like a lifetime ago, tablets had the feel of an exclusive device only available to the rich and tech-savvy.

But as with any form of technology, the prices started to come down. The iPad aside, customers have been slow to embrace the vast choice of tablets on the market.

Maybe it was because many of them came with an iPad price, but didn’t deliver the smooth usability and good looks of Apple’s latest innovation.

But manufacturers have wised up to this, and are either slashing the cost of their first-gen tablets, or looking to start with a lower asking price.

It’s certainly good news for the man on the street, with the price of tablets coming down all the time. And with the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, decent tablets are more affordable than ever.

We’re yet to see the Fire over here, but it has gone down a storm in the US. So much so that other manufacturers are keen to get a sub-$200 tablet to market as quickly as possible.

NVIDIA KAI platform

Tech giant NVIDIA has revealed that it is readying its quad-core Tegra 3 processor for use in far cheaper tablets – paving the way for companies to challenge Apple’s dominance of the tablet market.

The new chip will allow manufacturers like Asus, Toshiba and LG, to name but a few, to make powerful tablets for a fraction of their usual price. So we could be seeing sub-$200 tablets as the norm in the very near future.

Apple iPad Mini

Rumours abound that Apple is already doing something about the bargain price tablet threat, by preparing a scaled-down version of its latest iPad.

Dubbed the iPad Mini, the device is rumoured to have the same retina display but a price tag of around £250.It’s an exciting prospect, but we’re not going to believe it until we see it.

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