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Nook Tablet finally coming to UK?

For all you bargain hunters out there, there could be some good news on the horizon. Signs are pointing to a UK release of Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet.

It is an exciting prospect, especially as we are yet to see the like of the Amazon Kindle Fire over yet – with no sign of a release date anytime soon.

But the Nook Tablet was released by Barnes and Noble to go into direct competition with Amazon, and as such is priced the right side of $300.

Barnes and Noble Nook developer day

We’d been worried that we may never see a decent low-cost tablet in this country, given the delay of the Kindle Fire. But that could all change, as Barnes and Noble announce a developer day for the Nook Tablet.

Taking place on 19th March, the Nook Tablet developer day is offering app developers the chance to come and learn the ins and outs of developing apps for the device.

“Join Nook Developer for a workshop on Nook Apps,” explained the invite to the event, which also includes a Q&A with Barnes and Noble big shots.

“We will deep dive into all the technical aspects to help you distribute your apps on Nook tablets and cover the entire development process – from app creation to app submission.”

Indication of UK release?

The announcement is the biggest indication we’ve had so far that either the Nook Tablet or the Kindle Fire are coming to the UK.

Barnes and Noble’s decision to break into the UK tablet market (if that is indeed the case) could spur Amazon to introduce the Kindle Fire over here too.

In the US, the Nook Tablet is a little pricier than the Kindle Fire at around $250. But it offers third-party link ups to services like Netflix and Hulu – something the Kindle Fire does not.