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Nook Tablet – a serious rival to Amazon Kindle Fire?

It is a tech battle we can only dream about over here: Barnes and Noble taking on Amazon at the low end of the tablet market.

We are yet to see either device make an appearance over here, leaving us to sit twiddling our thumbs and watch our friends in America enjoying themselves.

If there was any doubt as to the competition between these two, Barnes and Noble have gone all-out by introducing a cheaper version of the Nook Tablet.

The Nook Tablet has now been reduced to $199, putting it in direct competition with its fiercest rival – the Amazon Kindle Fire.

So how has Barnes and Noble managed to reduce the price of the Nook Tablet? And is it now a serious competitor to the Kindle Fire?

Nook Tablet specs

The answer to the drop in price is easy – Barnes and Noble have simply reduced the specs, although not by as much as you might think.

The biggest change is the on-board storage, which has been slashed from 16GB down to 8GB. This is a hefty reduction, as is the internal memory cut back – dropped from 1GB to 512MB.

But the Nook Tablet’s other specs are largely unchanged – it still runs a version of Android 2.3, still has a 1GHz dual-core processor, and that attractive 11.5 hour battery life.

Enough to rival Amazon Kindle Fire?

The price of the Fire is one of Amazon’s trump cards, and Barnes and Noble have been clever to take this out of the equation.

It now comes down to a battle of specs and content. And given that the Nook Tablet can take a microSD of up to 32GB, it’s slashing of the internal storage is almost irrelevant.

Amazon still wins out on the content side of things, but when it comes to making a new purchase, customers tend to look at what’s right in front of them. So watch out Amazon!

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