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Nokia to take on Android with low-end Windows Phone devices

With everyone and their granny rushing out to buy a smartphone at the moment, you’d think any manufacturer would be on easy street.

Of course, many manufacturers are enjoying themselves in the smartphone market, releasing devices of all shapes and sizes. Samsung has the rise of the smartphone to thank for changing from a fairly boring producer of TVs to one of the most exciting tech companies on the planet.

Then of course there’s the likes of Sony and HTC, both of which are enjoying good product reviews and decent sales.

But spare a thought for Nokia. The Finnish mobile giant has been struggling to find its place in a rapidly changing mobile world.

Where it once ruled supreme with feature phones galore, Nokia has been losing customers by the shed-load in recent years.

Job cuts at Nokia

The company has just announced that it is to scrap a whopping 10,000 jobs worldwide in the next year, in a bid to cut costs.

It is a bold move, but not all that surprising. Nokia has had some success of late, with its critically acclaimed Lumia range, but it’s going to take more than one or two devices to turn around the company’s fortunes.

But cutting jobs isn’t the only thing Nokia has got planned, with CEO Stephen Elop saying the manufacturer is preparing to wage war on Android.

Nokia vs Android

Until now, Nokia has been strict with the specification requirements for its Windows Phone devices. But when times get tough, things need to change.

The company is to pave the way for more affordable Windows Phone handsets, designed to compete directly with the vast number of affordable Android devices out there.

If there’s one thing Nokia knows how to do, it’s create an affordable handset, so we’re surprised this announcement hasn’t come earlier. It will take a long time to turn the company’s fortunes around, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.