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Nokia tablet to use Windows 8?

Tech giant Microsoft unveiled their latest operating system earlier this year – Windows 8. The new system is set to build on the success of Windows 7, while at the same time bringing in new and exciting features.

2012 is gearing up to a big year for Microsoft, as it was (inadvertently) revealed that Windows 8 might be available on tablets.

That was the slip from Nokia’s French Division manager Paul Amsellem. In an interview with a French newspaper, the tech boss let slip that Nokia will be releasing a tablet running Windows 8 in mid-2012.

It is an exciting slip up, and has got the tech world buzzing about what Microsoft’s plans are for it swanky new operating system.

Widespread support

There has been widespread support for Windows 8, with Samsung and Dell, as well as Nokia, registering interest.

And the Windows Phone 7 OS has already proved popular, featuring on devices like the HTC Titan, the Samsung Focus Flash, the HTC Radar and the Nokia Lumia 800.

Microsoft will be looking to build on this mobile device success with a foray into the tablet market. And it looks like its new partnership with Nokia will be the way to do it.

It is worth pointing out that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has refused to confirm the plans for a Nokia tablet. But when it comes to the cutting edge of mobile technology, Nokia has been struggling to keep pace with the other mobile giants.

Although it is still the biggest mobile manufacturer in the world, it has arrived pretty late to the smartphone party. So it is keen to start making waves.

Nokia tablet in 2012?

The rumoured mid-2012 date suggests that Nokia is aiming for a big entrance into the tablet market, perhaps going head-to-head Apple’s iPad 3.

But with Microsoft keen to use the full-fat version of Windows 8 as a tablet OS (and so demanding a higher licence fee), Nokia may struggle to compete with Apple’s prices while still making a profit.