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Nokia Lumia 910 – What you need to know

Former king of the mobile world, Nokia, is staging a large-scale comeback this year – releasing some very impressive new smartphones.

In a partnership with Microsoft that seems to be helping both companies find their way in this challenging mobile market, Nokia has released some critically acclaimed handsets of late.

Unfortunately for both companies, sales of the new Lumia range haven’t been quite as good as expected with every device in the range deserving more success.

But the Finnish mobile giant hasn’t finished yet, and rumours abound that it is busy prepping the Lumia 910. If the reports are to be believed, this is set to be one hell of a device. So what do we know about the Lumia 910 so far?

Nokia Lumia 910 leaked

There’s been speculation about the Lumia 910 for a while now, but with little more to go on the rumour mill has been rather quiet of late.

But when the names of six new devices appeared on Nokia’s Remote Device Access tool, the rumours started up once again. There were no new details of the device in the leak, but it does mean we could see it sooner than expected.

Windows Phone 8 on Nokia Lumia 910

The leak did however lead to speculation that the Lumia 910 could be the first Nokia device to feature Microsoft’s upcoming mobile OS, Windows Phone 8.

We know very little about Windows Phone 8 devices from Microsoft’s mobile partner, so the leak is as good a guess as any about the upcoming OS.

Previous Nokia Lumia 910 rumours

The speculation has been fairly wild about the Lumia 910, to say the least. It had been suggested that it would be an upgrade to the 900, but with a 12MP camera.

Nokia has since denied this, leading to speculation about the company’s PureView technology making an appearance in the handset – giving it a 41MP camera.

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