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Nokia Lumia 900: Is price cut the beginning of the end?

After launching into the competitive smartphone market just three months ago, Nokia’s recent price reduction of the Lumia 900 in the US may suggest that the model is failing to cut the mustard with users.

Although a Nokia-commissioned study and responses from PCMag’s Readers’ Choice Awards suggested that the device was well received by the public, a near 50% price reduction over the weekend may suggest otherwise.

The price point for the Windows phone was dropped from $99 to $49.99, and follows the disappointing news that the Lumia 900 isn’t able to upgrade to the next generation Windows Phone 8 OS.

No Windows Phone 8 for Lumia 900

The new windows OS will launch later this year and smartphone users may have been put off by the idea that purchasing the Nokia Lumia 900 will mean soldiering on with the soon-to-be out of date Windows Phone 7 OS.

Despite the price reduction spelling doom and gloom for the smartphone, Nokia spokesman Doug Dawson told The Wall Street Journal, that the move was to be expected:

“This move is a normal strategy that is put in place during the life cycle of most phones. [It] allows a broader consumer base to buy this flagship device at a more accessible price”

Nokia Lumia 900 Price Cut

As adjusting prices according to market conditions isn’t entirely unheard of for smartphone makers, there may be an element of truth to this statement.

Nokia Lumia 900: can it make the grade?

Nokia’s recently survey of US customers found that the vast majority of Lumia 900 owners are satisfied with their device.

Other findings from the survey also point to the fact that users are more than happy with what the device has to offer. While 95% would recommend it, 83% said the device exceeded their expectations.

Although the Nokia Lumia 900 won’t get the Windows Phone 8 OS, the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade will give it the Windows Phone 8′s new start screen and “live tile”.

With Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore recently outlining that USB mass storage support will help set Windows 8 apart from Windows 7.5, could the death knoll finally be sounded for the Lumia 900?

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