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Nokia Lumia 900 announced at CES 2012

Nokia has announced the Lumia 900, with a large 4,3-inch screen and Carl Zeiss optics.

The new phone, which will be available exclusively though AT&T in the US and has been ‘designed for the North American consumer’ features the same ClearBlack OLED technology seen on the Lumia 800 released last year in the UK.

It seems that the rumours of a completely different design for the Lumia 900 were wide of the mark, with the new phone essentiially appearing as LTE-powered, larger screened and better-front-camera’d version of the first Lumia phone.

It’s packing a 1.4GHz processor, and front and rear cameras that offer an f/2.4 and f/2.2 aperture respectively – that front facing camera is a real step forward for low-light visiblity.

Clearer image

The rear camera is also predictably decked out with Carl Zeiss optics too, making a clearer picture thanks to the 28mm focal length too.

The Nokia Lumia 900 will be decked out in either cyan or black polycarbonate, like its 800 stablemate, meaning scratch resistance from the militant keys in your pocket.

The Phone will run on AT&T’s LTE network in the US – but there’s no word on the phone reaching other markets any time in the future.

The Nokia Lumia 900 release date has been set for ‘the next few months’ (who doesn’t love vague launches, eh?) although no word on price as yet.

Nokia Lumia 900 announced at CES 2012