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Nokia Lumia 610 – mid-range or just mediocre?

Planned for release next month, and heralded as its cheapest Windows powered smartphone, Nokia has said the Lumia 610 is intended to impress mobile phone users shopping for a mid-range device. But, when compared to other models, is the Lumia 610 mid-range or just plain mediocre?

Being released in direct competition to affordable Android smartphones, Nokia’s newest addition is hoped to bring the company a success it has not yet achieved in the modern mobile market.

Once the leading global manufacturer of mobile phones, Finnish brand Nokia has lost some of its widespread appeal and dominance of late, by failing to keep up with the explosive popularity of smartphones.

Following the launch of the initial Lumia 800, which was the first of its smartphones to abandon the Symbian platform, Nokia changed its market focus from high-end to mid-range, hoping to re-establish its position as a major mobile phone contender – but can it really do this with the Lumia 610?

Nokia Lumia 610 specifications

Utilising the celebrated Windows Phone 7.5 operating system, the performance credentials start off strongly for the Lumia 610. Unfortunately, the phone fails to match this power with its memory – offering just 256MB.

In terms of applications and features, the phone offers a few good features – such as Nokia’s Drive, Music and Maps applications – but the storage limitations could prove a problem here.

Appearance wise, the Lumia 610 is fairly attractive with a compact, yet sufficient, 3.7 inch screen.

Competition for Nokia Lumia 610

The recent claim by Apple’s Siri that the Lumia 900 is the best smartphone shows that Nokia could be starting to recapture some of its popularity of late, which could prompt shoppers to consider this new addition.

Unfortunately, with fierce rivalry across the smartphone market and credentials which are lack-lustre in places, the new Nokia Lumia is unlikely to inspire enthusiasm in consumers already overwhelmed by a plethora of new handsets.

When compared to other affordable smartphones, such as the HTC One V and Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, the Lumia 610 fails to excel. But it is still a decent device that delivers more than enough for the low price tag.