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Nokia Asha smartphones – are they any good?

With the smartphone market heating up once again, as numerous manufacturers release new models, Nokia has reaffirmed its dedication to compete in the smartphone race with a new range of Asha mobile phones – but are they any good?

The Finnish manufacturer has added a total of three new handsets to its current Asha range: the Asha 305, Asha 306 and Asha 311.

All of these utilise touchscreen displays and are intended to be an affordable way of providing mobile phone users with 3G connectivity – but what exactly do they offer in terms of specs and performance?

Cloud technology

Considered to be one of the main areas of development for the world of technology, the Finnish manufacturer has shown a definite focus on cloud services in its latest models. All of the new Asha models come with an on-board app which enables users to connect to the cloud while using the mobile.

This innovative feature is claimed to reduce the amount of data consumed by as much as 90% – something which is great news for those of us constantly frustrated by restrictive allowances.

Improved entertainment

Considering Nokia was the first mobile manufacturer to include the excellent Snake game on its handsets, it is hardly surprising that it remains dedicated to offering high quality games on its mobile phones.

With the new Asha models, as many as 40 free games will be offered: all of which have been developed by leading games company, Electronic Arts.

Popular classics, such as Tetris, will feature alongside more modern additions including FIFA 2012 and the incredibly addictive Angry Birds.

All-round performer

Of the three handsets, the Asha 311 is definitely the most advanced with a three inch scratch resistance touchscreen affixed, and powered by an adequate 1GHz processor. There’s also 32GB of expandable storage to help cater to modern needs, although the camera resolution disappoints at only 3.2MP.

Overall, the Asha range will offer fairly good value for money for those looking for a smartphone closer to the budget end of the range, but will fail to inspire enthusiasm in those impressed by the superior features of pivotal high-end devices from the likes of Apple, HTC and Samsung.