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No Apple iPad Mini after all?

The tech world is in a state of limbo at the moment, as we wait for an announcement on the iPad Mini – Apple’s rumoured 7.85-inch tablet.

With some very convincing leaks in the last few days and weeks, it felt like the iPad Mini was all but confirmed. All we had to do was wait for the announcement from Apple.

But so far we haven’t heard a peep out of the US tech giant – no press invitation, no subtle hints, no cryptic clues. Nothing. So does the iPad Mini even exist? Here’s the case for and against.

Apple iPad Mini does not exist

A few days ago everyone in the tech world was expecting to be counting down the days until an Apple press conference by now.

Rumours started circulating last week that Apple was readying a press invitation for release on Wednesday this week – detailing a press event on 17 October.

Yet no such invitation has arrived, so does the Mini even exist? None of the rumours came from Apple itself, and we’ve heard talk of a scaled-down iPad in the past.

Of course, the leaks and rumours have been a lot more convincing this time around. But when a rumour gets going, everyone wants to get on the bandwagon with claim or two – Apple ordering 10 million iPad Minis, for example.

Unsurprisingly the rumour mill is currently abuzz with talk of production delays and launch postponements, which proves the point that when a rumour gets going, it’s hard to stop it.

Apple iPad Mini does exist

While a lack of press invite is always going to bring up some questions, those rumours never came from Apple.

The recently leaked images of the alleged iPad Mini are very convincing, and just because the device isn’t launching next week doesn’t mean it’s not launching at all.

According to the latest reports, the launch event is due to be held on 23 October in a slight break with tradition – on a Tuesday rather than a Wednesday.

The low-cost tablet market is thriving at the moment and is not one Apple can choose to ignore, or wants to for that matter.

So, iPad Mini or no iPad Mini? Only time will tell!

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