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Nintendo Wii U release date in November?

The latest news and rumours may suggest we’ll not be seeing the likes of the Playstation 4 or Xbox 720 for a while, but at least there’s one gaming manufacturer that’s not hanging about.

Having unveiled its next-gen console last year, Nintendo is busy putting the finishing touches to the Wii U as we speak.

The tech world rumour mill has long been telling us that the Nintendo Wii U will be ready to go by this Christmas, but history has taught us to treat every tech rumour with plenty of suspicion.

But the latest reports have given us something a little more precise when it comes to the release date for this wholly unique new console.

Nintendo Wii U release date

According to dedicated Wii U news website Wii U Daily, the console is pegged for release on Sunday 18th November this year.

The revelation is pretty low on the shock scale – we had been expecting a pre-Christmas release for some time – but it’s good to get a more precise time.

Of course, the date is not set in stone. It comes from an internal email to staff at a Tokyo games store, which was leaked to Wii U Daily.

It’s worth noting that the 18th November release date is for the US market, with the Japanese release coming a week later. There was no mention of a European release date, but we can expect it to be very close to the US release, if not the same time.

True or false?

It’s unclear from the leak whether this is just a target for Nintendo, or if it is the final release date commitment for the company.

But the original Wii was released on 19th November 2006, so an 18th November date for the Wii U would provide some fitting symmetry – so mark it in your diary.

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