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Nintendo Wii U – details so far

Since being unveiled at E3 last year, Nintendo’s next console – the Wii U – has so far been something of a mystery.

We know it is the next step for the gaming giant, we know it will be powerful, and we know it will have a huge controller with an incorporated screen.

But unfortunately, that is about it. Nintendo’s dramatic unveiling of the Wii U at E3 last year raised more questions than it answered, and we got virtually no more information for the rest of the year.

But all that changed last week, sort of. Nintendo used CES to give us a little more detail about how the controller, and its large touchscreen, will work in relation to games.

Wii U panoramic controller

So how exactly will it work? Well, we’re still not 100 per cent sure, and it will depend on which game you are playing. But on some games the controller will offer a panoramic view of their virtual world.

So as you’re playing a driving game, for instance, the TV display will show the standard in-car view, and you’ll be able to look left and right by moving the controller.

It is a fairly vague revelation, and we’re not sure how it’ll work on some of Nintendo’s more popular games, but it is an exciting one nonetheless.

Wii U for more than just games

But the features do not end there. Nintendo is keen for the Wii U to be a multimedia device, for more than just gaming.

And the latest rumour to support this is that the controller will be getting e-reader functionality. According to reports, Nintendo is planning to bring digital literature to both the Wii U and the 3DS. This will most likely be things like instruction manuals, game guides and gaming magazines.

More details around the Wii U are to follow, in the run-up to E3. And with a probable release date of sometime this year, they are sure to get juicier and juicier.