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Nintendo Wii U at E3 – what games can we expect?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, has kicked off in style in Los Angeles. And this year, it is most definitely Nintendo’s event.

With both Sony and Microsoft choosing not to show off any new hardware, in the shape of an Xbox 720 or PS4, Nintendo was free to show off its latest console – the Wii U.

Of course, the Wii U got an initial unveiling at E3 last year. But details were incredibly thin on the ground, and the gaming world was waiting with baited breath for the console’s full launch this time around.

Nintendo decided not to tell us exactly when the Wii U would be released, or how much it would cost. But we know it’ll be here before Christmas, and were more interested in what games will be available upon the console’s release.

Fortunately, Nintendo didn’t let us down in this respect. So what new exciting titles made an appearance at E3 this year?

Pikmin 3 on Wii U

It has been eight long years since the last Pikmin was released, back on the Gamecube. So a follow-up has been highly anticipated for quite a while.

Launching the title on the Wii U is certainly a good move, and could convince more than a few people to buy to the console when it’s released. The demo certainly looks good, though we’re not sure the game is the best demonstration of the Wii U’s controller.

Nintendo Land on Wii U

But any of you doubting whether the fancy new controller is actually of any use, Nintendo points you in the direction of Nintendo Land.

This is a completely new title designed to show off the controller and ease players into using it. A collection of mini games, Nintendo Land is set in a theme park and is based around a number of classic Nintendo characters and games.