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Nintendo 3DS XL: Fears over screen quality

Nintendo’s 8th generation handheld, the 3DS XL, has made its debut in the UK and Europe with a screen size that is a staggering 90% bigger than the original 3DS.

But while the launch of the 3DS XL should have been met with a flurry of excitement from gamers, some have expressed concern that the new 4.88-inch LCD main screen and 4.18-inch lower touchscreen may produce a blurry picture and reduce the quality of playing experience.

Nintendo 3DS concerns

Outlining player concerns, Nintendo’s Research and Engineering division, company CEO Satoru Iwata said:

“With regard to the LCD, many customers appear to be worried, asking questions like ‘If the screen is bigger, won’t the dots stand out?’ and ‘Will the screen get blurry?’”

The concerns centre on the fact that 3DS games designed for use on a smaller screen may have a distorted picture resolution when displayed on the 3DS XL’s upgraded viewer.

Do 3DS XL users have anything to worry about?

Nintendo’s Takashi Murakami said:

“For normal play, I don’t think anyone will be able to sense anything awkward” before adding that the “3D graphics with impact – and when it comes to that, it’s just fine,”

Far from the 3DS XL compromising gamers’ experience, Murakami argues that the angle needed to see 3D in its best quality, dubbed ‘the sweet spot’, is much easier to spot in the latest version of the Nintendo 3D franchise.

Nintendo has also included a 1:1 pixel mode – activated during a game’s boot – which keeps older DS titles sharp.

The 3DS XL includes an upgrade from 2GB to 4GB of storage as double the battery endurance. Sales of the £180 device have already reached 200,000 in Japan in just a few short days, and this strong entry into the market is likely to be repeated in the UK and other countries.

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