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Nintendo 3DS and Apple iPad 2 Go On Sale

It’s the day all gadget fans have been looking forward to for months and now it is finally upon us: two technology giants are releasing their new gadgets on the same day – 25th March, 2011.

Forget about George Osborne’s budget, your bank balance and the tax hikes coming in April, ‘Good Gadget Friday’ is all about the gadgets and is gearing up to be one of the biggest days for electrical consumer retailers in years.

The Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have claimed to have sold 141,000 of the 3D consoles already, prior to going on sale and as it promises to take gaming to a whole new level: 3D without the need for glasses, it’s an obvious I-want-that-now piece of tech kit.

The device comes packed with 3 cameras, one inner and two outer cameras with 640*480 pixel resolution and wireless internet!

The battery lasts up to five hours which is great for hardcore gamers and up to a whooping eight hours if the 3D mode is switched off. Interested in seeing what it looks like for yourself before making a purchase of the Nintendo 3DS, watch a video of the Nintendo 3DS.

The game console launches with the availability of 13 3D games, which include Ridge Racer 3D, Super Monkey Ball 3D and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition.

The iPad 2

But if the Nintendo 3DS isn’t enough to excite you, in case you hadn’t heard, Apple have a new product to launch, too.

The new slimline, camera heavy iPad 2 is hitting UK shops and is likely to sell as fast as the first version last year: Apple is expecting to sell up to 45 million of them this year alone.

The iPad 2 is approximately twice as powerful as its predecessor and it’s also slimmer (8.8mm vs 13.4mm) and lighter than its forebear (613g vs 730g). The casing comes in a choice of black or white finishes, too.

As well as looking great and operating well, there are also plenty more reasons why you should buy an Apple iPad 2.