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New Walkman B Series to Launch in June from Sony

The new Sony Walkman B Series MP3 player is to hit shops in June. Find out more about the funky new players.

Did you know that sales of Apple’s iconic iPod have fallen considerably over the last 12 months? Perhaps it’s not that surprising given that iPhone sales have gone through the roof and they are, essentially, iPods in themselves.

But where does that leave the MP3 player market? The answer is hard to know given the way that technology is evolving and the advent of you-can-do-anything-on-it smartphones.

But sometimes you just don’t want to have your phone on you, or you simply want to be able to listen to music uninterrupted, without the distraction of text, phone calls or enticing Apps.
And it looks like this is where Sony’s latest Walkman B Series of MP3 players look set to target.

Weighing just 28g and less than 10cm long, the Walkman B Series comes complete with two-tone finish in a vivid choice of contrasting colour-ways. The Walkman does look very stylish and if you really want to show it off a new detachable clip attaches to a belt, bag strap or outside the pocket of your shirt or jeans.

The Walkman B Series

The Walkman comes with an 18 hour battery life that lets you keep listening for longer, too. Plus, plug the Walkman in to charge for just three minutes and you will get charged up for 90 minutes playback time.

To load music onto your device all you have to do is connect the player’s built-in USB connector to your PC – then drag and drop files or transfer them via Windows Media Player 11/12. The player supports MP3 and WMA music formats and the 4GB version will let you store approximately 980 songs, the 2GB 470 songs at any one time.

The player also comes with ZAPPIN song search technology, which lets you browse quickly through all your music in just one go. The new Walkman range of ultra-portable MP3 player is available from June 2011.