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New Universal Remote Control Promises to Xsight Tech Lovers

One For All have released two new universal remote controls: the new Xsight Lite and Xsight Plus.

According to research by the electronics company, over a third of consumers are put off by a universal remote because it appears too overcomplicated, but they insist that they will simplify any household’s growing remote control collection.

One in two UK households has five or more remote controls, but in as many as 25 per cent of households only one users knows how operate the electronic equipment properly.

The two new Xsights can control six or 12 devices depending on your choice, brining you an advanced yet affordable universal remote control for under £50.

The new all in one remote control can be set up without using the internet to consolidate all the remotes, too, great news for the 7 million homes Government statistics show do not have an internet connection.

For those who are connected to the internet, consolidation promises to be easy as the Xsight range has advance customization features that can be programmed using your PC.

Integration is simple and straightforward, with an easy start up process.  You connect to the One For All website via your computer and the set up wizard guide will take you through.  No manual is needed and the new Xsights supports over 2800 brands ensuring that almost every audio visual device can be programmed.

The new remotes have a 1.44” high resolution colour LCD screen and -conveniently for forgetful folk – the Xsight Plus also has a backlight for all those times you lose it down the back of the sofa, so it can be easily found – even in the dark.

The Xsight Lite is available from £39.99 and the Xsight Plus is £49.99.

Prices correct at time of publication and are subject to change.