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New Sony Vaio Ivy Bridge range – what you need to know

Sony has revealed its new range of notebooks in its Vaio S, Vaio E and Vaio Z series, bringing the Intel Ivy Bridge processor to a number of machines.

With ultrabooks growing in popularity, and the rumoured upcoming MacBook Pro, the laptop market is becoming more and more cut-throat.

Luckily for Sony, it has a good reputation for sleek, stylish and, most importantly, reliable machines. But will the latest additions to the Vaio family be good enough to compete?

Users want a lot from their laptops these days. Not only do they need to be nice and powerful, they need to lightweight, portable, and as thin as possible. So what do you need to know about the new machines in the different series?

Sony Vaio S Series

The new Vaio S machines are designed with portability in mind, and are built from lightweight materials like magnesium, aluminium and carbon fibre.

With a 13.1 inch and 15.1 inch model available, the new S Series features a decent display which Sony claims is both scratch resistant and anti-reflective for less glare – perfect for when you’re out and about.

Some models will also feature the Ivy Bridge i7 processor from Intel, a quad-core behemoth that delivers more processing power and improved graphics.

Sony Vaio Z Series

Another range of machines designed with the on-the-go user in mind, the Vaio Z series has a tough body made from carbon fibre and aluminium.

Weight has been kept down, with the machines coming in at 1.2kg and measuring just 17mm thick. As with the S series, Ivy Bridge processors are available on certain models.

Sony Vaio E Series

The Vaio E Series 14P was announced recently, and Sony has now added a couple more machines to the family. Two larger models have been launched, in both 15.5 inch and 17.3 inch.

With a whole load of cool features, including ultra-low power deep sleep and Rapid Wake + Eco, the new E Series models are welcome additions to the Vaio family.

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