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New Sony PlayStation 3 – What you need to know

Gamers everywhere, rejoice! Sony has finally launched a new console for us to stick our teeth into. It’s been a long time coming, but the new gaming machine is finally here.

Oh no, hang on a minute. Sony hasn’t released its next-gen console out of the blue (we can only dream), but a new-and-sort-of-improved PS3.

As gaming manufacturers try to compete with gamers’ growing penchant for on-the-go-titles and PC gaming, Sony has chosen to entice us with a revamped PS3. So what do you need to know about this new PS3?

Sony PS3 measurements

The revamped model has clearly been dieting ahead of its release and is both lighter and slimmer than its predecessor.

Sony says it has completely redesigned the internal set-up of the PS3, which enables it to be slimmed down.

The volume and weight of the new model is less than half that of the original PS3. Compared to the current PS3 model, the new one is 20% smaller and 25% lighter.

Sony PS3 UK release date and price

There will be two versions of the new PS3 released here in the UK – a 500GB hard drive model and a new 12GB flash memory model.

We’ll first see the 500GB version first, on 28 September, and the flash memory model a couple of weeks later on 12 October.

Sony has said that it will allow UK retailers to set their own prices for the console, but in the US the 500GB version is set to go on sale for $299 bundled with FIFA 13.

Enough to boost Sony’s profits?

Sony has been having a rather torrid time of late, with the turbulent global economy and changes in value of the yen resulting in four years of annual losses for the company.

With the Nintendo Wii U due to be released before Christmas, Sony had to do something to keep users interested, but until the PS4 is released we can’t see the Japanese manufacturer’s fortunes changing.

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