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New Solar Charging Backpack from Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Solar Charging Backpack

International fashion label Ralph Lauren has just launched a new super-stylish solar charging backpack! Perfect for when you are out and about this summer and you have to look ‘cool’.

You may have thought that you already looked cool with your high tech gadgets and latest Apple accessories to match, but what you really need is the perfect backpack to accompany your tech gear.

The new Ralph Lauren backpack is made in Italy from water resistant materials; the solar backpack is the ultimate high fashion mobile charging solar powered device. It also has an LED panel.

Solar Charging Backpack: The Details

The backpack has lots of adjustable straps and various zips to ensure comfort and wearability.

The device can charge iPhones and other smartphones within 2 or 3 hours depending on how many rays of sunshine you catch. The backpack generates a current of 3.45 watts and can also charge an iPod Classic and other mobile phones.

The four solar strips on the outside of the backpack soak up the suns beam charging your gadgets for all your on the go needs.  The backpack is ideal for walking around during a hot day, cycling, sunbathing at the beach or just showing off your love for gadgets and fashion!

The backpack comes under Ralph Laurens RLX sport line which the fashion brand say is “exceptionally luxury lifestyle apparel and innovative athletic gear”. The RLX branch combines technology, fashion and art.

The solar charging backpack will set you back around $800 and is available in black and orange.

The new backpack could just be the stylish accessory every tech lover needs when they go to a festival or set off backpacking this summer.

Unfortunately if you did want to get your hands on one of these fashionable items, they’re currently only being shipped within the US.