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New Solar Charger Available for iPad and Smartphones

Eco tech lovers rejoice! A leading eco-manufacturer has launched a new range of solar chargers for smartphones, the iPad and other can’t-live-without-gadgets.

Most of us will be all too familiar with the fact that smartphones, as clever as they may be, don’t have a long battery life.

In today’s tech world when your beloved phone suddenly decides to die, with no charger in sight it is all too easy to suddenly feel completely cut off from the world. The FreeLoader Classic from Solar Technology International is the latest new solar charger, which means that wherever you are in the world, you should always be able to charge up your phone or iPad.

The FreeLoader Classic boasts cutting edge electronics and super solar panels in their latest portable solar charger. With the ability to charge a smartphone for 44 hours, the FreeLoader Classic promises to be a great solar charger.

Plus, for all you Apple fans, the FreeLoader Classic powers iPods and iPhones for 18 hours, too. The iPad can be charged for 2 hours using the solar mobile charger. And if you find yourself with a PSP or DS, the sun seeking charger will give you 2.5 hours of battery life.

Portable Solar Charger

With new super-powerful solar panels, the ultimate universal mobile charger is capable of powering the world’s most powerful mobile devices.  The small and light compactable solar charger has a sleek and stylish silver aluminium finish built to withstand on the go wear and tear.

The FreeLoader Classic is designed for remote access areas where a power supply might not be available. Ideal for festivals, holidays, trekking, hiking, or even long commutes, and the solar charger can also be charged via USB for 3 hours.

The FreeLoader Classic also features an in-built LCD data panel that tells you about battery level, power input and connectivity. If you’re worried about the sun not shinning, charge can be stored up for a rainy day.

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