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New S6 Range of Vacuum Cleaners By Miele

Everything you want to know about the all new S6 range of vacuum cleaners by Miele.

Whether you’re life is plagued with irritating pet hairs or you spend your time trying to save the world one eco friendly electronic device at a time, Miele have the vacuum for you.

The new S6 range features some dynamic and high quality technology to bring domestic cleaning up to speed. The S6730 Red Velvet is the ‘mother’ of all vacuums with a 2000W motor and super stylish deep red finish.

Like many in the range, the ‘one-touch’ rewind cord is a useful feature that doesn’t make a mess of any excess cords.

The ‘brand spanking’ new vacuum also features an Active HEPA filter and specially designed HyClean filter bags to ensure your cleaning experience is better (and cleaner!) than ever.

All pet lovers can rejoice! There is now a new vacuum cleaner in town and it’s not afraid to deal with those pet hairs.

If pesky cat or dog hairs drive you barking mad, you will be pleased to know someone else has experienced this and designed a vacuum to resolve the issue.

This is otherwise known as the S6220 Cat & Dog vacuum. Designed with pet lovers in mind, the machine has all the mod cons to remove annoying pet hairs, however they’re unlikely to remove any annoying pets.

Also in the new S6 range is the S6290 Silence vacuum, this one is perfect for any late night hoover fanatics.

It’s Miele’s quietest vacuum ever, so that if you are cleaning at night or have small sleeping children you do not have to worry about disturbing anyone.

Anyone looking to become more energy efficient will be pleased to know that Miele cater for the environmentally conscious amongst you.

The S6240 Eco Line features energy saving technology and uses less power.