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New robotic cleaners come to the UK

Living the classic Jetsons cartoon dream life could soon be a reality with the introduction of robotic household cleaners.

Electrolux has announced plans to unveil its new futuristic prototypes at the ‘Grand Designs Live’ roadshow in Birmingham next month. The products certainly look set to cause a stir.

Robo Tap

The ‘Robo TAP’ and the ‘Ribbon’ are the names of the two winning designs, having won the EDL 11 design competition.

The Robo TAP is a clever little vacuum cleaner, which targets specific areas for cleaning.  The Indoor Positioning System combines with a simple remote control which means that the small device can clean the floor effectively.

The little remote control is attached to the shoe or slipper of the user and with just two taps on the ‘dirty spot’, the Robo TAP will clean that precise area.

Two more taps on the floor will cancel the order and three taps will return the vacuum cleaner to its automatic programme. Clicking your heels three times will have you saying “there’s no place like home” in no time….either that or your tap dancing days could be here again.

The Ribbon is a multi-purpose heater and cooler for portable use. The flexible shape allows you to wrap the plastic around any shape containing food or drink.

The device looks similar to a large bendy ruler, but with the additional technology of heating with one side and chilling with another.

The controls are placed on the side, which can easily be set to whichever temperature you require at the time.

The innovative product has a chargeable thermoelectric cell battery, which can also reverse the charging process. Even on standby, the device keeps working.

Both prototypes will be on display during the ‘Grand Designs Live’ show, at the Birmingham NEC from 7-9th October 2011.