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New Robot Vacuum Cleaner Launched

A new state of the art robot vacuum cleaner from LG is set to be the new indispensable member of the family for households nationwide following its recent launch.

The latest hoovering gadget, Roboking VR 5902 LV, is designed to provide maximum cleaning at minimum effort to you. Plus, it will also give you bragging rights in the technology stakes with the neighbours, too.

An extension to the robot vacuum cleaner series introduced a few years ago from LG, Roboking is aimed at giving families access to the latest technology to help them with boring household chores.

It has two cameras so Roboking can analyse his environment and plan the best course of action, knowing exactly where to clean.

If your robot friend is not going fast enough you can increase his speed by 30 percent, while at 90mm in height it can be used to clean underneath beds and get in and out of all your home’s nooks and crannies.

It also has a gyro sensor which helps the 5.2 inch cleaning appliance find its way into every area where cleaning is required.

“Today, people need more efficient, reliable and convenient consumer electronics,” said John Lee, LG Electronics KSA managing director.

The Voice messaging system enables the robot to inform its master of its status in easy to understand voice messages.

Other features include the ultra micro fibre mob with two modes for different cleaning requirements – Spatial expansion which goes in a straight line, and Zigzag mode.

Its on-board sensors allow fast movement around the house to prevent him from getting stuck on furniture.

Vacuum Cleaner Range

If your budget does not stretch to a state of the art robot vacuum cleaner, you can still get a good one for your money with alternatives currently on the market.

This could be an upright cleaner like Panasonic’s MC-UL594SP47 Bagless, to a popular Henry Numatic.