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New ProTex Washing Machine from Electrolux

Recently voted one of the World’s Most Ethical Consumer Electronics Companies, Electrolux, have released a powerful new washing machine.

The new AEG/Electrolux ProTex washing machine is built to protect your clothes and for them to last: research carried out by AEG found that the ProTex protects clothes 30 per cent better than previous models.

The new washing machine claims to be 50 per cent more efficient than A rated models, making it one of the most environmentally friendly washing machines on the market. The washing machine uses an OptiSense system, which detects the size of the load and decides on the exact amount of water to use along with the exact amount of time it should take – making sure clothes are not over washed.

The new machine has a specially patterned ProTex 66 litre drum to deliver what Electrolux says is the ‘gentlest wash possible.’ With room to throw in a duvet and a few towels the washing machine also has built-in weight sensors, which result in the machine issuing the precise amount of detergent at the start of each wash.

The 9kg capacity washing machine has some great features, including Aqua control, an extra rinse option, auto power off and a stain removal technique. And as you would expect from a new washing machine, the ProTex does have easy to use program settings, which can be customised and then recalled for later use.

Advanced Washing Technology (AWT)

The washing machine also uses Advanced Washing Technology (AWT). This is a unique shower system that quickly wets the clothes and prevents bleach stains that could occur from over-concentration of detergent at the start of washing. The continuous shower ensures that the wash is covered all over, giving you an even wash.

Chandra Kunche from AEG said, “It’s a completely new design, with a stainless-steel control panel and a shuttle knob like you’d find on hi-fi audio equipment.” The sleek design could not be complete of course without touch-screen controls!

The ProTex washing machine, which is part of the Neue Kollektion is available from April.