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New PC Headsets from Sony

Sony have added a new range of PC headphones specially designed for gaming, VoIP, music and more.

Everyone uses their PC for different things, so the technology experts at Sony have cleverly set about creating newly designed specific PC headsets that do exactly what you want it to do.

The new DR series includes new headsets for gaming, music, videos and VoIP. Below we run through the details of these PC headsets.

The Sony DR-GA100

Sony PC Headsets

This new PC headset has been designed specifically for gaming and chatting to other gamers or people across different networks.
As gamers may wear their headsets for extended periods of time, Sony have focused on maximising comfort. The DR0GA100 has a newly designed soft cushion ear pad and light low pressure headband. And if you want to private chat with someone in the room with you, there is a cool mic muting switch so you can chat off-air without other gamers hearing you.

The noise reduction boom mic gives you a clear and crisp sound so that your voice can be heard all other the world. Just remember not to get too overexcited and start yelling!

The Sony DR-ZX103USB and Sony DR-ZX102DPV

These two new headsets in the DR series are the latest in music video and speech headsets from Sony. The DR-ZX103USB has a USB audio box which reduces background noise levels for even clearer, more intelligible speech. PC connection via USB frees up your computer’s jack for plugging in other devices, too. These headsets are perfect for listening to music or watching videos on Blu ray.

The Sony DR-EX13DPV

This headset is designed with VoIP in mind. The in-ear headset is ideal for VoIP users, suitable for business or leisure. If you’re on the go and do a lot of travelling, the DR-EX13DPV is stylish sleek and comfortable. Voice quality is clear and there’s also a handy in-line volume control for fingertip control of listening levels while you’re chatting on the move.