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New Nokia 41MP 808 Pureview Smartphone Wages War On the Camera Industry

We saw allot of great new mobile tech unveiled at MWC 2012 but in the megapixel department, there was one stand out handset to rule them all.

Nokia showcased their ridiculous new 41MP 808 Pureview smartphone and while this is an awesome demonstration of what can be achieved from the smartphone market, the handset hasn’t exactly been well received by the camera industry.

No Nonsense Olympus

Speaking to Techradar, national marketing manager for Olympus, Mark Thackara said:

“It’s an interesting attempt to get around the problem of cropping images on a phone.”

He then added that:

“It sounds like utter nonsense. The size of the lens means that the overall quality of the image will still be restricted.”

“Let’s have a shoot out under a number of different conditions and see which one wins – let’s try it out against a half decent camera.”

Despite Nokia obviously hitting a few nerves in the Olympus camp, the Japanese optics company said recently that they believe smartphones will never replace the compact camera because of the restrictions to zoom technology.

With the rate at which smartphone technology is moving forward though, we’re not too sure.

Non Plausible Sony

Olympus aren’t the only company to weigh in on Nokia’s freak of handset nature either.

Speaking again with Techradar, Paul Genge from Sony Imaging had this to say:

[The Nokia 808 Pureview] is still only a technological announcement; it’s not a plausible retail solution yet.”

“The mobile phone networks will have to see whether they want to endorse it and put it in their line-up that they offer to consumers.”

Despite this, Nokia are said to be keen on marketing the phone which would be expected to go on sale in the UK at around £470 if picked up by a network provider.

And it’s a big ‘if’ because despite the megapixel madness, the rest of the specs are fairly undesirable with the phone running an outdated Symbian OS.

Genge went on to say:

“It doesn’t greatly offer them [the mobile network providers] any improved data traffic, which is what they’re looking for all the time.”

Either way, there’s no denying that it’s a big step forward in innovation and one more gold star for Nokia as they attempt to claw their way back into the mobile market.

But what do you think? Would you buy one? We’re not quite convinced yet.