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New Nikon 1 Range of Innovative Digital Cameras Launched

Nikon have launched a revolutionary and innovative range of digital cameras, the Nikon 1 range. Comprised of just two models, the range offers users mirrorless technology and groundbreaking shooting modes. So what features do the models offer? And why are they groundbreaking?

The new Nikon 1 range currently consists of just two models, the Nikon 1 J1 and the Nikon 1 V1. Features, like their new range of shooting modes, are so impressive that the President for Nikon Europe, Takami Tsuchida, claims the news is “[Nikon’s] most significant announcement since [they] introduced [their] first digital camera fourteen years ago”.

“Living Pictures”

With a processor faster than a number of professional cameras and some innovative new functions, the Nikon 1 range is set to transform the digital camera market. Motion Snapshot, one of the new features, offers a unique photo taking concept. The technology is designed to create “living pictures”. The technology simultaneously records a slow motion video clip and takes a photographic image, combining the two to create a moving or “living” picture.

Intelligent Thinking

The other main feature of the new Nikon 1 series is the Smart Photo Selector technology. This effectively does the thinking for you, taking twenty high resolution images at high speed and selecting the five best shots whenever you take a photograph. This is designed to help you capture the perfect moment on camera, preventing you from missing vital moments. The Smart Photo Selector chooses the best five shots based on facial expression, composition and focus, helping you to get a perfect photo every time.

Nikon 1 J1 and Nikon 1 V1

The two models currently available in the new range offer great features and have stylish designs. The J1 comes in five bold colours (matt black, gloss white, silver, gloss red and pink) and is extremely light in weight. The V1 has a tougher outer construction and a high resolution viewfinder for more advanced photographers. The V1 comes in two colour options: matt black or gloss white.

Both the cameras have smooth designs and minimal buttons to make operation easier to manage. Interchangeable lenses are another feature of the range, enabling the best possible images to be produced in any situation.